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Includes a double cleanse. First cleanse is to cleanse away any debris followed by second cleanse to target your skins needs. 30 minute spa facial also comes with exfoliation, extractions and the Estheticians choice of a expertise mask.


Half arm wax $50
Bikini wax $65
Brazilian wax $75
Eyebrow shaping wax $40
Chin wax $15
Full face $75
Full arm wax $75
Half leg $75
Full leg wax $65
Full Back wax $85
Full body wax $275
Lip wax $15 


Cleanse exfoliation and masking after bikini or Brazilian service. Helps to calm the skin from any irritation from the wax and extractions and high frequency can be included. $95

Other Facial

Lash lift $100 plus Lash tint $140
Brow Lamination $130
$145 plus wax and tint.


Facials and Skin Care

Treat your skin to a retreat from the ordinary with a Let's Glow facial. Every one of our facials integrates our multi-point acupressure massage therapy. This healing massage is integrated with the exclusive skin treatment line that we feel is best for our clients. Our estheticians produce a personalized face therapy session simply for you and also your skin type. You'll really feel glowing as well as revitalized after your session. We'll guarantee your naturally stunning self radiates by glowing.

Looking for added skin treatment treatments and improvements? We offer a full line of expert grade improvements, an outstanding body treatment, and more to enhance your skin's natural charm. You steal the show when you GLOW!!

Lets Glow LLC developed their metropolitan spa in 2020, raising the health facility experience to a brand-new art form. Attracting ideas from world-class European spas that we've partnered with, we incorporate the finest traditions with beneficial developments to carry you from the stress and anxiety of day-to-day life. We are a haven, a location of wellness and appeal, motivation and optimism. Our dedicated, professional therapists will certainly treat you to the utmost in leisure and revival.

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